We've been praying for you since the moment we were called to adoption, and we want you to know we care deeply about you. Having a son, we know the decisions you're making are from a place of selflessness and provision for your sweet baby. You both are already so, so loved. We can't wait to meet you!



We are eager to welcome another child into our home and family. We want to enable you to choose what is best for you and for your child without fear or reservations, and celebrate the life added to our family through the miracle of adoption.



You are a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. For you Birth-Mom: it is honorable to think about you carrying a child all those months. For you Birth-Parents: to make the decision to give your child to another…that all takes strength and maturity that is worth admiration.



We are honored and blessed that you have taken the time to look at our profile and get to know a little bit about us and for that, we would like to thank you! After struggling with infertility for years, we became foster parents and after seeing our foster children reunited with their birth mother, we realized God was leading us down the path of adoption to create our forever family. 

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We are thankful that you have chosen to give your baby life through the gift of adoption. You are very courageous and strong as you selflessly make a plan for your baby’s future. We are praying for you and want you to know that we are here to support you.



We are an American-Australian couple with family, friends and ties to both Wisconsin and Australia. Angie is a nanny and Kurt is a writer and author. We are so grateful for you taking the time to get to know us and for making a plan for your child. 

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We are a close-knit family that loves to hang out and have fun together. Making each other laugh, encouraging each other when we’ve had a bad day, and giving one another big hugs are just a few of the ways we enjoy showing our love for each other.



We honor and respect you for choosing the gift of life. Each child is a blessing from God, which he created with a divine purpose. We stand in awe of your choice to choose adoption and to provide your child with the very best that life has to offer. We look forward to embarking on this inspirational journey with you!



Thank you for choosing life and thank you for considering us to adopt your child! We have two amazing kiddos named Audrey and Joseph. We LOVE leading and instructing our kids in the way of the Lord. We would love to welcome another precious child into our home through adoption!

If you would like further information about these couples and other couples available through ECFA, contact Dorinne by e-mail at or by calling her at (262) 789-1881.