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Hello, we are Mike and Sarah!

Life can get complicated and messy at times, but it is through the hard parts that love shines brightest. Your love for your growing child is so beautiful, we admire your strength as you carry this child and consider adoption. We sincerely want the best things for you and for your child, and we pray you find every support needed throughout this journey.  

Should you choose our family, your child will grow up in a beautiful small town, a cozy home with a large backyard, a close-knit extended family nearby, a vibrant church community, a loving big sister, and two parents who love Jesus and each other. Sarah is a stay-at-home/homeschool Mom and volunteers locally as a Paramedic. Mike is a project manager/mechanic and volunteers locally as an EMT and ambulance driver.  Our daughter, Bella, is 5 and came to our family through foster care when she was two. She is full of life and love - carrying a mix of deep compassion and high energy! In the warmer months, we enjoy biking and kayaking/canoeing as a family, and ice skating and skiing are our go-to activities once the cold sets in. 


We will be dedicated to raising your child in a strong community, with Christian values, and to loving them unconditionally. We welcome open adoption but will support whatever level of relationship you desire.


Thank you for considering us as you explore your options and make these difficult decisions. 


We would be honored to meet you!
Mike, Sarah, and Bella

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