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ECFA welcomes interns in our different programs. We invite you to carefully read the description and our Statement of Faith before contacting the office.

If you are interested in an internship, please contact Dana Hauser,
Wisconsin District Coordinator, at (262) 789-1881.



The objectives of the internship program are:

  • to apply theory to practice by learning the techniques of interviewing, assessing, and writing

  • to aid the student in how to establish and sustain appropriate relationships with clients

  • to think critically and analytically; break down complex issues into
    manageable parts; and prioritize issues in problem solving

  • to learn appropriate use of supervision and consultation

  • to understand the structure and functioning of a faith‑based social service agency


These objectives will be accomplished through the following means:

  • the opportunity to meet with selected administrative and professional personnel to learn the Agency’s structure and service delivery

  • attending staff meetings and in-service trainings

  • reviewing service and licensing manuals

  • participating in staffing and consultations on cases

  • the opportunity to carry a selected caseload of clients.

  • participating in an evaluation of the field work experience



  • Regular supervision will be provided by individuals or group means that meet the requirements of the graduate program.

  • The supervisor will provide evaluative information in a format required by the graduate program.

Bachelor’s and Master’s
Level Internship



Exposure to ECFA’s functioning as an agency:

  • meet individually with other program supervisors for general orientation to each program

  • review the Standards of Services as set by the Council on Accreditation

  • review DCFS licensing requirements for foster and adoptive homes

  • understand the structure and functioning of a faith‑based social service agency


Education in the Pregnancy Support Program:

  • review PSS Policies and Procedures Manual

  • review Nurturing Parenting Curriculum

  • participate in networking opportunities

  • integrate current research related to issues in pregnancy counseling and adoption

  • attend PSS team meetings and joint meetings with the Adoption Program

  • identify community referrals and resources for birth parents


Direct Services with Pregnancy Support Program:

  • provide case management, referrals, and advocacy according to client’s needs

  • develop and implement psychoeducational materials (examples may include healthy pregnancy behaviors, self-care activities, post-partum depression, and openness in adoption)

  • Coordinate outreach and marketing/social media opportunities to thecommunity Receive weekly supervision

  • opportunity to attend agency-sponsored functions (i.e.,
    workshops, fundraising events)

Bachelor’s and Master’s
Level Internship

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