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Hi there, 

I'm Bonnie and my husband James and I appreciate you looking at our family page. As you face the decisions in front of you, we pray God would be with you and give you comfort, peace, and hope no matter what you decide and that the love of God would fill your heart. We are praying for you. 

A little about us. James and I have been talking and praying about adopting children since before we got married back in 2012. Since then, we’ve been hoping and praying to become adoptive parents to kids who will grow to know the truth of who they are as kiddos loved by God.  

On a typical day, we keep busy by baking, watching movies, going for walks, exercising our golden retriever who loves to go for walks and play fetch, and going on road trips to visit our family. Our favorite food is pizza. As far as parenting goes, we view our mission as raising children in a home full of love with openness and honesty before God with opportunities to play, learn, and grow to have fun.  

As you weigh out what to do next, we are praying for you. 


Bonnie and James 

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