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Hello! We are Gabe and Katie! We wanted to start by saying how much we honor and respect you for choosing the gift of life. Each child is a blessing from God, which he created with a divine purpose. We stand in awe of your choice to choose adoption and to provide your child with the very best that life has to offer. We look forward to embarking on this inspirational journey with you!


We were married in 2015 and immediately tried to start our family. Although we were not blessed with children of our own, we know without a doubt, this was all part of God’s perfect plan as he gave our hearts the desire to adopt. My sister is adopted from China, so adoption has always been something that is special to my family. Our home has ample family space inside and a large backyard for various fun activities. Gabe is in Operations management and Katie is a corporate trainer. Faith and God are very import to us, and we enjoy participating in various church activities. We enjoy spending time with family and friends. We are fortunate to live close to our families and have the opportunity to spend time with our 13 nieces and nephews, who keep us very busy. 


Gabe and I want to expose a child to as many opportunities as possible, so that they can determine what it is they truly love. Our promise to you is that we will raise your child in a home where we believe in their dreams and visions, we will love them unconditionally each and every day, and teach them about faith and having a relationship with God.   


We are praying that God provides you peace throughout your journey. We look forward to the possibility of meeting you!



Gabe and Katie

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