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Hi, we are David and Jayde!

We are so excited to welcome a little one into our home and hearts and look forward to showering them with love. We can't wait to be able to teach them about Jesus and his love for them.

We live in the country near a small rural town in a cozy house that we own, where we  raise chickens, and few pigs with the help of our dog Mac. We also enjoy growing a big garden every year and look forward to picking raspberries in the summertime. We have a small woods which is filled with maple trees that we tap for home made syrup every year.

David works as a diesel mechanic and Jayde works at home watching two little boys and plans on being a stay at home mom.

 We enjoy game nights, Camping, fishing, and hiking together.  David enjoys hunting as well. Jayde has many hobbies such as soap making, making sourdough goodies, sewing and she loves reading.

 We both have close relationships with our extended families and enjoy spending lots of time with all of them. We are involved in an amazing local church where friends have become family and have lots of support through them.

We appreciate  you taking the time to read this and for considering us,  We are praying for you and for your little one, that God guides you and gives you peace through the process of your decision making



David and Jayde

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