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Dear Expectant Mother (Father):

Would you like to come sit with us and chat for a little bit? I think it feels a little more comfortable if we imagine we’re just sitting down to meet a new friend.

You don’t know us yet and you’re probably a little nervous because you’re making a really big decision. You know what? That’s ok. That means you’re not taking this decision lightly, and you’re looking for the very best family for your little bundle.

We want the very best for your little bundle, too, whether that’s our family, or one of the other wonderful ones at ECFA. The great news is that if you’re working with ECFA, you have people to walk alongside you in your journey.

To share just a little bit about us: Scott and I met on eHarmony and fell in love right away. That was in January of 2005. We married that October and had planned to start a family after we’d been married for a year; but God had other plans.

Scott, 44, runs our telecommunications business and has started a new website. He has done a LOT of the work for our basement, outbuildings, and property. Jenny,45, is a stay-at-home mom. She homeschools, does accounting for our telecommunications business, and runs a business sharing essential oils and the natural lifestyle.

We had always planned to have both biological children and adopted children. After years of infertility, we decided to move forward with our plans to adopt. In 2012, we were blessed beyond our imagination with our twins, Emma and Will, through adoption. We found out that their birth mother wanted them to go to a couple with no children. If we had been able to have biological children like we had planned, we wouldn’t be Emma’s and Will’s parents. We can’t even imagine what that would be like!

Emma is a perfect mix of girly-girl and tomboy. She LOVES her baby doll, barbies, singing, and dancing. She also loves to find worms and frogs and play in the mud. She is tender-hearted, helpful, giggly, and chatty.

Will is all boy. He knows a TON about animals (thank you, Wild Kratts!) and loves dinosaurs, ninjas, wrestling, legos, and building things. He is snuggly, imaginative, does awesome shadow puppets, and loves to make Emma laugh.

We homeschool the kids. They love art projects, exploring outside, books, puzzles, and using their imaginations. They create masterpieces with blocks, cardboard boxes, legos, and magnet tiles. Both are in Tae Kwon Do and Emma is in ballet.

In winter, they love to play in the snow or roller-skate or build forts inside. In summer, they love to play in the dirt or play in their little pool, jump on the trampoline, ride bikes, or play on the swingset.

We now live on the land Scott’s grandpa used to own. We have LOTS of space to run and play; we see lots of nature – especially turkeys, deer, and frogs.

We’ve always said we wanted 4 kids, so as soon as we were able to start the adoption process again, we did. We’ve had to wait a lot longer than we thought, and we’ve experienced some failures along the way. But we know God has a plan for us, just as He does for you and your precious cargo. He will bring the right child/children (yes, we would welcome multiples again!) to us, and our wait will be worth it. Just like it was for Emma and Will.

We’re SO thankful that you’ve chosen to give life!! You will know what family is right for you. We’re praying for you to have wisdom and peace, just as we’re praying for whoever God brings our way.

It was nice to chat with you, friend. Thank you for taking a minute to get to know us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Scott and Jenny

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