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Dear Birth Parents (from our heart to yours) -


We have loved you from the moment God placed you in our hearts. Even before we began down this road, we could feel the presence and journey you would bring. We have been praying for you since day one of our journey to you. Praying for your decision, for your heart, for peace and for your life. That you will have comfort in the choices you make. That you will have blessings, love, and joy in your life no matter what.


We hope as you come to a brave decision for your sweet baby that you are encouraged. Brandon and I have a deep love for each other that has lasted over 11 years. We have fun and sometimes quirky personalities that we are excited to share in adventure with a child and to see how our story of becoming parents will unfold. Above all, we trust in Jesus for this whole process and pray for His unconditional love to wrap all of us. 


Our promise to you is to unconditionally love your child. To embrace your child as 100% our own. To cherish the gift from you they are to us and how you made the biggest decision a parent could ever make by providing your child with a family.  


In love,


Brandon and Kimberly 

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