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We've been praying for you since the moment we were called to adoption, and we want you to know we care deeply about you. Having a son, we know the decisions you're making are from a place of selflessness and provision for your sweet baby. Choosing life for your baby is the greatest gift you could ever give, and we commend your bravery and sacrifice. You both are already so, so loved. 


In our home, we promise to love our children unconditionally, protect them, help them to discover who they are and support them as they find their gifts and talents. There is nothing that gives us more joy than being parents, and we have so much love to give! 


If we are the family for your baby, know that our desire is for you to be a part of our lives at whatever level you're comfortable. We will make sure that you are always a part of this baby's life and will celebrate how deeply loved this child is because they are loved by both your family and ours. We promise that you will be known and honored for the decision to choose life, sacrifice, and unconditional love. We're praying for you and your baby's overall health, and for strength and peace as you navigate these decisions. 


We can't wait to meet you!


With love, 

Alex and Ellen

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