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Do you know that you are valued, loved, and worthy? You are a precious creation of God Most High, and we are honored by the possibility of knowing you. We praise Jesus that He created you uniquely, and that He instilled in you a heart of bravery, love, and sacrifice. We cannot fathom the pain you face, but we pray that God’s peace overwhelms you with each trial and each decision.


Every family has its own unique culture, and we hope that ours is one that fosters love, forgiveness, and generosity. We truly adore each other and spend as much time together as possible! Adam works in IT and Katie is a stay-at-home-Mom and piano teacher. Some of our favorite things to do together are cook, read, and play outside.


God has called us to expand our family through adoption, and we pray that you might consider joining your story with ours. Should you choose us, we promise that your sweet baby will be encouraged, cherished, respected, and valued. The love we will give is unconditional, and the home we will provide is secure. We promise that you will be honored in our home, and we are committed to growing the relationship between our families.


We speak a blessing over you as we diligently pray for both you and your baby. May the love and peace of Jesus overwhelm you and may it be a beacon of light and hope over you.


With love, Adam, Katie, Luke and Gideon

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