Adoption Through ECFA

ECFA is looking for more evangelical adoptive couples/families who would be interested in adopting a baby from our domestic healthy baby adoption program. We are very low on the number of waiting families. If you have infertility issues, one or no children, are active in an evangelical church, reside near the Milwaukee, Green Bay, or Madison areas, and would love to adopt a baby, please call Jill at (262) 789-1881. She would be happy to talk with you!

Families and individuals adopt children for many reasons. Some couples are unable to have children biologically. picture of family with adopted childrenOthers may already have children but choose to adopt special needs children, older children, or orphans from other countries. All of these people share their desire to open their hearts and homes to waiting children. ECFA provides a general list of guidelines for prospective parents. For further imformation, call Jill at 262-789-1881 or e-mail her at

Since 1950, Evangelical Child and Family Agency has placed more than 3500 children with loving families. ECFA was started by the National Association of Evangelicals as the first agency in the country to place children exclusively in evangelical Christian homes.

No child will ever be denied or delayed a placement based on their race, culture, or ethnicity, nor on that of the adoptive parent(s). ECFA makes every effort to recruit a variety of families to meet the needs each child may present. Please take a few moments to review our options for adoption.

Infant and Toddler

Children who are newborn to five years of age are included in this category. The children are from a variety of ethnic heritage. Although in some cases the birth mothers have used drugs or alcohol during part of the pregnancy, the children are usually considered medically healthy as far as can be determined.

Special Needs

Individual children or sibling groups of all ages and races may be available. Some have disabilities or medical conditions, while others may be older and have experienced abuse or neglect prior to becoming legally adoptable for this program.

Intercountry Adoptionbaby girl

Families may adopt children from a variety of countries. ECFA has strong ties to Christian adoption agencies which are approved in several other countries. A family may also introduce a country and agency to ECFA. In this case, ECFA will assist with the home study and/or post placement services. Specific adoption information for each country may be obtained by contacting us.

Agency Assisted Adoption

ECFA is able to conduct a home study or provide post placement services if needed. Many people have received our assistance with private placements or independent intercountry placements.