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Dear Expecting Parent,


First, thank you for choosing life and thank you for considering us to adopt your child! With that, let us introduce ourselves.


We are Karl and Missy! We have two amazing kiddos named Audrey and Joseph. We LOVE leading and instructing our kids in the way of the Lord. We would love to welcome another precious child into our home through adoption!


Karl works as a manager in IT, Missy is a stay-at-home mom, and our kiddos are silly!  Some of our favorite activities include basketball, long walks, and board games. We are a family that loves to sing and read together. If we could have it our way, we would spend most of our time in a log cabin or around a campfire. We are committed to raising the children in our home with love. We strive to invest our time and energy into our family so that our children can grow, have fun, be encouraged, and know they ARE loved. Thank you again for considering us to adopt your child. We are praying for you!



Karl, Missy, Audrey and Joey

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