Dear Beautiful Soul,

We are so honored to be able to share with you a little about ourselves and our passions. We are thankful to be on this journey of adoption and we're humbled to have you consider us as parents. If we were chosen as parents, we promise a future filled with unconditional love, joy, and nonstop exploring and learning for your little one. They would grow up with a positive and diverse community, in a healthy and safe home. Our love for travel, family, art, music, gardening, sports and much more are passions we look forward to sharing with our future family.

We have a deep respect for you and the decision you are making. You are so brave and you inspire us. You have chosen life for your baby and we rejoice with you in that decision! We trust that God has the best plan for your sweet little one, and we will continue to pray for you both during this journey.

God bless you.


Samantha and Grant