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We are eager to welcome another child into our home and family. We want to enable you to choose what is best for you and for your child without fear or reservations, and celebrate the life added to our family through the miracle of adoption.

We are David and Becca, and our 4-year-old son Daniel. We live in Wisconsin in a home that we own. We live very near where David grew up, and only around 3 hours from where Becca's family lives. David works for the family business as a programmer from home full time, while Becca is a stay at home mom, managing the family logistics while focusing on teaching and caring for Daniel.

It is an incredible blessing to both be able to be at home with our child to help him develop to be the best he can be. He loves reading, playing, and exploring. Currently Daniel's biggest interests are trains, games, Winnie the Pooh, reading every book he sees, and space. He also loves playing with his stuffed animals, one of his favorites being the skunk, Stinky P. Yew, who Daniel proudly named himself.

We look forward to the day when another child can be added to our family, and we can discover what interests and abilities they will have which we can nurture and help to explore. We would be eager to keep you regularly informed on your child's growth and development.

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