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Hello There!


We're Avery and Anne Marie. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, but recently moved to Wisconsin for the military. So far, we are hooked! 


It's just the two of us so far, but we look forward to expanding our family through adoption. It's been a life-long dream for us individually and even something we discussed on our first date.


Although we are both in the military, we are in the guard component, which means our schedules are flexible, and deployments are practically non-existent. This will allow us to spend a lot of time with any little one who enters our home. Avery is a mechanic and Anne Marie is a medic; needless to say, we like to fix things!


We have a lovely tight-knit church family, and a supportive family on both sides. Frequent visits are a priority for us and when that's not a possibility, we stay in contact through calling or texting.


The decision you are choosing to make or have already made is a difficult one. Because of this, we are praying for you to have peace and discernment no matter what happens. 


If you're looking for the perfect couple to have the honor of joining you on this adoption journey, we cannot claim to be that. We are two imperfect people saved by God's grace alone. Through Him, we are living a truly blessed life and would absolutely love to share that with you. 

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